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P-EBT Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer

Dear parents,

Check the image and link. All of you had questions about P-EBT and how to get financial assistance for food, $285.00 per child.  


This letter is intended for families with:

  • Children who received SNAP food benefits for March 2020

  • Children who are certified for free or reduced-price school meals during the 2019-20 Texas school year

  • Children who attend a school that offers free meals to all students (Community Eligibility Provision or Provision 2)

If you do not meet at least one of these criteria, you are not eligible for the benefits described below.




Estimados padres,

Verifique la imagen o el link de abajo para mas detalles. Estoy respondiendo a sus preguntas de P-EBT y como aplicar para ayuda financiera para comida.     

Esta carta está dirigida a familias con:

  • Niños que recibieron beneficios de alimentos del Programa Asistencial de Nutrición Suplementaria (SNAP, por sus siglas en inglés) para marzo de 2020

  • Niños que estén certificados para recibir comidas gratuitas o a precio reducido en Texas durante el año escolar 2019-20

  • Niños que asisten a una escuela que ofrece comidas gratuitas a todos los estudiantes (Disposición de Elegibilidad de la Comunidad o Disposición 2)

Si no cumple con al menos uno de estos criterios, no es elegible para los beneficios que se describen
a continuación.

P-EBT Aplicación Español
Family Activities



-Bubbles Party-Keep Breathing

Books to read

Being bored can be good

“When a child is bored, they are learning that they need to create their own fun and entertainment,” McBain says. “They need to explore their world. They need to learn new things on their own.”

Challenge YOURSELF to do one activity every day. It’s a great way to learn a few new games and activities while filling those “I’m bored!” moments.


  1. Make an obstacle Course

  2. Try to make each other laugh

  3. Put together a puzzle

  4. Scavenger Hunt

  5. Make your own Play-doh or slime

  6. Play Hide and Seek

  7. Water Balloons

  8. Dance challenge

  9. Study a spider web

  10. Clean and re-organize your room

  11. ...and more...

taco cabana.html 1.PNG

HELP! How to get financial assistance at Houston, TX? COVID-19


İAYUDA! ¿Cómo obtener ayuda financiera en Houston, TX? COVID-19

• Immigration Services - Call (346) 867-3871

Texans looking for financial assistance, crisis counseling, housing assistance services for the elderly, and more can call 2-1-1 or  (877) 541-7905

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